How Accountants Can Harness the Power of Video

Accounting has moved on
Harness the Power of Video

Accountants aren’t usually the type of people who love networking and making sales calls (correct me if I’m wrong, number people). Accountants are, we hope, sober, responsible, detail-orientated people who use their expertise to help us save money and pay the right amount of tax. But even the best accountancy practices have to market themselves and, if they’re canny, they’ll see the value in making the whole topic of financial probity feel less scary for us mere mortals.

From a customer’s point of view, when navigating the wide accountant-sea (apologies to Monty Python), being made to feel comfortable, in control and feeling free to ask stupid questions are at the top of my wish list. An accountant that can do this will immediately get my vote. And this is where the internet comes in. If your accountancy practice isn’t portraying itself online in a friendly, customer-focused way, it’s time to freshen things up. Here are three ways you can do these with online video content:

Present a Friendly Face

This won’t suit every practice, but in their homepage video, Crunchers Accountants (great name!) have produced a humorous scene-setter that instantly engages viewers and reassures customers that they are approachable and capable. While in the video we produced for Brown Bear Partners, the lovely Ellie Brown features in close-up – allowing her personality to shine through and engage with clients on a more personal level. Two very different approaches but both present a friendly, approachable face – the first step in attracting customers.

Offer Tutorials

They call it ‘sticky’ content. Material that has people coming back for more and driving traffic to your website. What’s more, provide useful guidance and information to your clients and you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. By creating helpful, sticky content you will highlight your expertise while simultaneously reducing the number of calls and emails you get on the basics, like importing a CSV file into quick books.

Client Testimonials

Building trust in your capabilities as a service provider is one of the single most important marketing steps you can take. A client testimonial is one of the most powerful mechanisms available to you to build your reputation. Consider that there are now entire businesses built around the model of customer reviews – Check a Trade, and even Amazon. But hey, don’t just take my word for it; here are some of our own.

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