Why Hax Media

For me broadcasting is a perfect term. Business today it’s all about building relationships.

Broadcasting in the traditional sense refers to TV and radio where programs were sent out for people to watch or listen to.

And this is how businesses wants be embracing their marketing now.

Getting people to hear what you have to say is the first step. If they like you, they’ll continue to listen and that’s the start of a good relationship.

How do you get people to listen to you? Produce and broadcast great stories.

I started Hax Media to support businesses to do precisely that.

When I was a photographer in the editorial market it was all about the subject and composition. Then when I went on to direct and produce documentaries it was all about using the narrative to tell the story.

I believe that what sets a business apart is their story. We pride ourselves in finding and telling it in an engaging way.

The camera doesn’t even come out of its bag until we have all of the elements to build on the narrative.

Watching a business grow and knowing that my film of films have played a part in that is why I do what I do

It’s as simple a that!

Watch what our clients are saying about their films.

Whats it like to work with Hax

If you need some advice or just want explore the possibilities of marketing with video send us and email now;-

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