Small Business Intro Starter Pack


On average, our clients experience

5x return on their investment

from the increase in sales within the

first twelve months

If you have a small business, creating a video marketing strategy will actively generate more sales for your business. We have put years of experience in finding stories into creating a formula to filming enough material in one session to be able to produce several versions for marketing use.

Our small Business Intro package is designed to create a series of content pieces that will launch your Video Marketing campaign. We specialise in creating watchable content that produces results and create a profitable return on investment.

This package includes;

  • 90 Second Website Film

  • 90 Second Social Media Film

  • 60 Second ‘About Us’ Film

  • 60 Second Social Media Ad

  • 30 Second Social Media Ad

  • 12 Weeks Social Media Broadcasting

  • 4 Hours training to create your own video content

Our Process for the production is to

  • Take you through a discovery process to learn about you and your business.

  • Design a Video Marketing Strategy

  • Film your Key Interview and elements of you at your work.

  • Produce your SIX films and ads with specific Call to Actions

  • 12 Weeks of promotional broadcasting over our network

  • Investment of £2495 payable in four installments

Use the contact for below to ask any questions you might have. Start a conversation today that will lead to more sales for your business.