Telling Stories

Telling stories is one of the most successful methods to ensure the video is watchable and indeed engages it’s audience. We have all grown up surrounded by stories. Whether we like it or not stories formed an integral part of our early education. In the old world stories preserved identities and passed down histories. Indeed it will be safe to say that stories are hardwired into how we taking information.

The mobile phone with it’s video capability has become the most ubiquitous production tool since invention of television. In fact mobile and video technology has created and explosion of video content on the Internet. In turn this has driven an insatiable appetite to consume video on a global scale.

Video is now in the first choice in delivering focused information and lends itself perfectly to promote businesses of all sizes. However for Video to be watchable it must be engaging and when delivering a business message this has never been more important. Telling Stories is the key.

This film is presented and narrated by Hax.

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