Video Impact Summit Feb 3rd 2017 Near Dartford in Kent

Video is now the “King of Content”

All modern businesses need to embrace video or risk falling behind.


The Video Impact Summit Friday 3rd February 2017

Video is the King of Content! Are you using it and if so are you using it effectively? If you study any successful business with an online presence, they not only market themselves strategically, they use video to promote themselves. Developing a strategy that protects your brand, increases followers and ultimately lead generation is critical to any business. What’s requires an understanding of the current trends online, the creation of a effective strategy and production of engaging and focused content.

The Video Impact Summit, has been carefully designed to give it’s attendees the tools to start using video effectively.

A Platinum Ticket gets you a front row seat with a desk and an exclusive invitation to an after event drinks, to meet the speakers, ask them questions and network!



David Shaw


The Digital Domain &

Understanding Digital Media

– Digital Strategist

– Author of two Books

– Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host

David believes that to get the most out of marketing, sales and technology we must embrace change and disruption. As a digital strategist, David consults on digital integration and implementation for business.

“Video and film are hardly new so why now in late 2016 is video now almost the only media type that goes viral that gets attention and sells more than any other media type? In this session we will explore how video has become so important and why it has such an impact on society and as human beings.”

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Lucy Hall


The Power of Video in Social Media

– Social Media Strategist
– Keynote Speaker
– Media Company Director

Lucy is a social media entrepreneur.  Her business Avviso Media Ltd creates and implements social media strategies and creates visual content for companies globally including some of the largest corporations in the world.  A mother of two girls, Lucy balances family time with work by running a team of specialists to create and distribute quality content for her clients.

She has also built a successful social media forum called Social Day UK and has held 5 events of over 200 delegates in the first year of launch. The next event is in December in London.

For The Video Impact Summit, Lucy will deliver her perspective of video and it’s role in social media and how it is benefiting business.

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Hax Filmmaker


 Design a Video Strategy &

creating engaging content

– Filmmaker

– 500 Business films to his credit

– Video Marketing Strategist


Hax has been a documentary filmmaker for over twenty years. His work has been screened on the History Channel, Crime and Investigation Channel, Animal Planet and Nat Geo. His company, Hax Media works with motivated business owners to produce and integrate video into their marketing strategies. He and his team have produced over five hundred business films.

“I believe that whilst there’s a place for almost every type of video content possible, brands have to be particularly careful to protect themselves with quality, integrity and professionalism if they want to stand any chance of being noticed.”

Hax will talk about producing great content, protecting your brand and the importance of strategy.

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Paul Blair


The Language of Sales & Creating Certainty


– 23 Years in Retail Sales

– 2016 Judge in the British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards

– Retail Sales & Business Coach

Paul’s early influencers were Scott McKain and Jordan Belfort.Paul has combined this knowledge with his own skills and experiences to be able to deliver powerful and relevant content that will change the way you communicate with your customers. He will show you how to elicit different emotional responses from your customers through stronger language patterns and tonality.

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Delissa Needham


Telling stories that engage

Delissa Needham

– Award-winning TV Executive Producer

– Content Strategist

– Corporate story disruptor

Attention is now the most valuable commodity and a good story is a way for business to get it, keep it and use it.

Delissa Needham has been a tv storyteller for 25 years in Entertainment, Documentary and Current Affairs for BBC, Sky, Discovery, ITV, Channel 4 and broadcasters worldwide. Working with Oscar and Batfa winning talent like Colin Firth and Sir Ben Kingsley and great British entertainment talent like Graham Norton and Frank Skinner.   As an Executive Producer she has created and sold over 600 hours of tv programming and as a Commissioning Editor has delivered audience increase by 2000%.

Delissa is a skilled story fixer who uses narrative tricks to grab eyeballs and keep them glued to the screen.  Her focus is always audience but how to hook one is now increasingly tougher in this attention divided world.   Delissa  straddles both tv development and digital marketing – areas of business united by audience and story.


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Katie Phillips


Building my business using Video


–    Self love Mentor

–    Author

–    Video Marketer

Katie founded ‘Daring & Mighty’ in 2010 and ‘The School of Self-Love’ in 2016. She is a certified Transformational Coach. Katie travels all over the world and works with driven, successful women who don’t feel success in their personal lives. She does this through mindset training, emotional mastery and grounded spirituality.

Katie is the Author of ‘The Self-Love Affair – A Woman’s Guide To A Daring & Mighty Life’

Video has been a key stone to the growth and success of her business and she will be sharing this experience with the audience.


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Katya Varbanova


Building a Business with Live Video Streaming

– LiveStream Strategist

– Founder of Peri10k 🙂

Katya helps individuals and brands to market their business and sell their products/services through live video marketing.   She also work with brands as an influencer to create authentic and fun campaigns through Snapchat and Live video to create conversation around their products.

“My mission is to make the world a more collaborative and authentic place. I think live video allows us to connect with more individuals, collaborate with them and it forces us to be authentic.”

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