Vlog – Telling Stories

Is your Story Making you Money?

The mobile phone has brought about the biggest change in our social habits since invention of the TV.

The smart phone is the most ubiquitous production tool in the   history media. We can film upload and share video very easily whenever wherever the mood takes us.
So what this has done is drive our appetite for video.  And social media is helping to fuel that.
Today alone,  4 billion videos to be watched on Facebook, and over 300 hours of video will be uploaded every minute to YouTube.
We are so used to seeing video every day that it’s now our first choice when we want to be entertained or research for information.
Big brands of always advertised on TV. Now they using social media to tell stories. Christmas campaigns are a great example of that.
The reason for this is that we crave stories. Why?
We’ve been learning through stories since we were born. Tribal stories in the old world build and preserve identities. I relationships with stories are hardwired into our circuitry.
Combine this design of the stories and the simplicity of filming and we have an explosion of content so much so that we now expect it.
That’s why stories on video I so good for business. You can build trust you can build you brand and you can build audiences who eventually will become customers.
If you are in business then you have three stories. Your own story, your business story and your customers story. How are you telling them? Are they making you money